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In Ayurveda warts are called Charmakeela. Charma means skin and Keela refers to growth or eruption. Warts are small growth on the skin surface that can appear on a parson’s hands, feet, face and other body parts. Although not harmful in themselves, warts and corns can affect the physical appearance of a person and spread to other regions of the body if left untreated. Ayurveda gives effective treatments for warts and corn.


Ayurvedic treatments for Warts and Corns are:

  • Agnikarma chikitsaAgnikarma is a thermal para-surgical procedure, in which “AGNI” is used for intentional burning as therapeutic purpose. It is indicated for various Vata- Kapha disorders.
  • Lepa Lepa literally means application of paste over a particular part of the body which is prone to illness.

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