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The 3 elements viz.. The Vaata-Pitta-Kapha collectively forms the Tridoshas. The understanding and assessment of the Tridoshas are crucial in understanding the diagnosis and treatment aspect of Ayurveda. One needs to know that –
• The Vata dosha is not equivalent to air or wind alone.
• The Pitta dosha is not equivalent to bile alone.
• The Kapha dosha is not equivalent to phlegm alone.

These Tridoshas have a deeper meaning; It is to be understood by an ayurvedic enthusiast. Ayurveda believes that –
• Health is a state of Tridoshic equilibrium, and disease is a state of doshic imbalance.
• All diseases emanate from the doshic vitiation by the Nidana (causes).

The line of treatment in ayurveda aims at restoring the vitiated doshas to a state of equilibrium.

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